Finca La Labor - Guatemala city


Milk chocolate, pecan, caramel and sweet figs.

Los Amigos began as a civil protection act during the civil war. It developed to form an enriching

feedback network, all producers could exchange hands on their experience in agricultural topics

and coffee production. This continued after the war stopped, a very fine circle of friends,

that supported each other in producing Guatemala’s best coffees. The group exists today in

the 3rd generation!

The family of Francisco Quezada Montenegro has owned their farm for more than 80 years.

This “City Farm” in Guatemala is one of the last of its kind located amidst 40000 houses. For him the sustainability of his farms is very important. He invests a big amount of his income in rehabilitation and renovation in order to keep the coffee trees and the whole ecosystem of the farms alive.


Producer: Francisco Quezada Montenegro

Location: Zona 18, Ciudad Guatemala, Guatemala

Altitude: 1,500 meters above sea level

Farm size: 70 Hectars

Coffee varietals: Catuai, Bourbon, Red Bourbon & Typica

Process: Fully washed and sun dried on patios.

Post harvesting facilities: Pinalense Eco-System , Cement fermentation tanks with tile inner

layer, 1 drum dryer (Guardiolas) and concrete patios. Their system is based on using as less

water as possible. During Harvest, they use around 10 cubic meters of water a day

Harvest: January – April