Coffee · 14. Dezember 2018
Esther a member of COMSA since 2005 bought her farm with her husband José Pompilio Pérez in 2010. They spent years apart so they could save enough money for the location they wanted and began to change to entirely organic plants in 2013. They have been replanting since then. COMSA is a small farmer cooperative consisting of around 1500 farms of which approximately 370 belong to woman stemming from the Lenca people. The co-op shares knowledge on organic dunger

Coffee · 26. August 2018
Finca Beto Costa Rica - Tarrazu Producer: Carlos Montero Don Eli Beto Elevation: 1.900 MASL Variety: Catuai Process: White Honey Harvest: 2017 Taste: Roast: Omni Roast Farm: Buena Mirada Honduras - Marcala - Morazán Producer: Esther Chavez Elevation: 1.200 MASL Variety: Bourbon, Lempira, Ihcafe 90 Process: Washed Harvest: 2018 Taste: Roast: TBA I In September we will launch two coffees which will be roasted as single origins. 1. Honduras COMSA Esther Chavez: The COMSA Cooperative is a leading...
Espresso · 15. März 2018
Our classic blend with 85% Arabica and 15% Robusta Espresso - Roast It tastes like an emulsion of dark chocolate which implodes to a combination of fruits like orange and peach and is transformed into full bodied nougat. Its perfect for the combination with milk which will even increase the taste.

shipping · 02. Dezember 2017
Don't waste your beans, just order enough before they start to fade away. This way you can find your fresh roasted beans in the letterbox!