A b o u t

» because taste matters!. «

 The main intention of Metropol Kaffee is to focus on quality in every aspect, because for us taste matters! 

To provide you the finest coffees available on earth we work with specialized traders who work closely with the producers at the origin.

We buy small amounts preferably from traceable micro-lots so our menu may change throughout the year. 

The roast profiles vary from so called light roast to maybe a rather north-italian espresso roast. 

It means that we try to develop every coffee in to perfection while avoiding roast aromas. However our coffees will always taste well either as espresso or as filter brew. 

We only roast twice a month! Until the next roast date we collect the orders and will ship the coffee you ordered directly to you so you will always get the freshest roasted beans we have. 



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