✴︎ 150g is fine with me!


Some people enjoy a decent coffee only once a day and its always a task to finish the beans before they start to fade. 


You can either give them to your friends, or maybe exchange with the goodies they hunted on the continuous search for the brilliant bean. 

However, before the elusive beans find an end in the darkest corner of your cabin, it might be better to order just enough before the next batch of fine beans gets your attention. 


Also it saves a little on the delivery costs, because it can be shipped by regular mail! 

And the very cool thing is, it will be in your letterbox and not somewhere waiting to be picked up… 


So if you rather have it fresh and don’t want to waste beans (and time) order 150g from the next roasted batch.




150g Whole Beans = 2,60 National Shipping (Standard Mail in Germany)* 

150g Whole Beans = 5,00 International (Standard Mail in International)*



150g is not enough? Don’t worry, you can also order 350g or 1000g packages it will just cost a little more for the shipping. 



*Please note that this offer does not guarantee a fast delivery especially for international shipments. 

 International shipments outside the European Union (EU) might bring extra costs for Customs. 


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